Solutions & Services

Internal Performance Auditing
KCG has assisted numerous non-profits, chambers of commerce and special events organizations in the area of internal performance auditing. This “deep dive” review of an organization’s operations includes a detailed review of all revenue and expenses. During the process we ask “Why do we do things the way we do? Are there ways to do it differently?” Many times this analysis results in a 5% to 7% reduction in an organization’s operating expense which goes directly to the bottom line.

Operational Analysis
KCG has worked with several special events performing an operational analysis of their events. The analysis looks at all aspects of an event’s operation from ticketing to food and beverage, merchandising, site layout/design, staffing, program costs and municipal services. Results from this type of analysis typically include improved financial performance, better events design/layout/flow, and lower operating expenses.

Revenue Enhancement
It has been our experience that many non-profits, chambers and special events under price the product/service they are providing to their members or to the public at large. A revenue enhancement analysis provides a detailed review of an organization’s revenue stream and compares it to regional and national financial data. Typically this type of analysis will result in a 3 to 5% overall increase in an organization’s revenue stream.

Strategic Planning
We have worked with a large number of organizations in developing strategic plans. This process usually includes working with both volunteer boards and an organization’s staff in developing a 3 to 5 years strategic operational plan

Board Governance
KCG has worked with several non-profit organizations in providing training in the area of board governance. This process involves both board members and staff and provides a document that clearly defines the roles of board members and staff within a non-profit organization.

Customer Service Excellence Training
We are presently working with two non-profit organizations in the area of customer service excellence training. This program provides organizations with the tools to connect, at a very personal level, with customers, clients and members.

Leadership Training
KCG has access to significant leadership training services through its relationship with Muntean Leadership Group. Muntean Leadership Group works with clients including Verizon, DuPont and several other Fortune 500 companies.

Sponsorship Development
KCG has worked with numerous chambers and special events in enhancing their sponsorship programs. This has included shifting an organization’s sponsor program from a donation-based program to a return on investment (ROI) program. Normally, this type of analysis results in a dramatically improved sponsor product and increased revenue to the organization.

Economic Development
We have extensive experience in assisting organizations in developing and enhancing economic development programs. KCG has also assisted organizations in developing and implementing economic development capital campaigns that have generated between $150,000 and $1.0 million annually.

PR/Media Programs
KCG has worked with multiple non-profit organizations in creating effective public relations/media programs. KCG has access to regional and national media sources that can dramatically increase an organization’s exposure.

Past & Present Clients

Non-Profit Organizations
Father Fred Foundation (MI)
Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan (MI)
Home Builders Association of the Grand Traverse Area (MI)
Cherry Capital Cycling Club (MI)

Chambers of Commerce
Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce (MI)
Holland Chamber of Commerce (MI)
Lawrence Chamber of Commerce (KS)
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce (VA)
Streamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce (CO)

Festivals and Events
SunFest of West Palm Beach (FL)
Memphis in May Festival (TN)
Portland Rose Festival (OR)
Danish Festival (Greenville, MI)
Venetian Festival (St. Joseph, MI)
Venetian Festival (Charleviox, MI)
Michigan Festival & Events Association (Chesaning, MI)
Woodward Dream Cruise (Royal Oak, MI)